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  • Destination: Nerva (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures, Band 1) (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen

    Destination: Nerva (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures, Band

    No Destination: Nerva Read a customer review or write one .

  • ASIN: 1844356078
  • Destination: Void (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen

    Destination: Void

    The starship Earthling, filled with thousands of hibernating colonists en route to a new world at Tau Ceti, is stranded beyond the solar system when the ship's three organic mental cores - disembodied human brains that control the vessel's functions - go insane. The emergency skeleton crew sees only one chance for survival: build an artificial consciousness in the Earthling's primary computer that can guide them to their destination - and hope it doesn't destroy the human race. Don't miss Frank Herbert's classic novel that begins the epic Pandora Sequence.

  • Destination Calabria (feat. Crystal Waters) [Radio Edit] (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen

    Destination Calabria (feat. Crystal Waters) [Radio

  • ASIN: B076B39SJK
  • Destination (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen



  • ASIN: B000006YGW
  • Destination Karminia: Englische Lektüre für das 5. Lernjahr. Buch + Audio-CD (Teen ELI Readers) (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen

    Destination Karminia: Englische Lektüre für das 5. Lernjahr. Buch + Audio-CD (Teen ELI

  • ASIN: 3125148243
  • The Stars My Destination (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen

    The Stars My Destination

    Marooned in outer space after an attack on his ship, Nomad, Gulliver Foyle lives to obsessively pursue the crew of a rescue vessel that had intended to leave him to die. When it comes to pop culture, Alfred Bester (1913-1987) is something of an unsung hero. He wrote radio scripts, screenplays, and comic books (in which capacity he created the original Green Lantern Oath). But Bester is best known for his science fiction novels, and The Stars My Destination may be his finest creation. With its sly potshotting at corporate skullduggery, The Stars My Destination seems utterly contemporary, and has maintained its status as an underground classic for over 50 years.

  • ASIN: B077P965N8
  • Objetivo Asesinato [Destination Murder] Edward L. Cahn.(Audio in Englisch und Spanisch) (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen

    Objetivo Asesinato [Destination Murder] Edward L. Cahn.(Audio in Englisch und

    Laura Mansfields Vater wird getötet, anscheinend von einem telegraphischen Boten. Sie zeigt Jackie Wales in einer Polizei-Aufstellung, kann sich aber nicht positiv identifizieren. Später arrangiert sie, um ihn zu treffen, und ist überzeugt, dass er der Mörder war, aber er handelte für jemand anderes. Sie lernt Jackie kennen, um herauszufinden, wer der Chef ist, einen Job im Vogue Club zu machen, im Besitz eines Mannes namens Armitage. Mittlerweile geht Alice, gierige Herrin Armitages, nach Jackie und lockt ihn in die Erpressung des Nachtclubbesitzers. Armitage entdeckt den Verrat und tötet die beiden, aber Laura-Schemata, um näher zu kommen, damit sie ihn als schuldig erweisen kann.

  • ASIN: B00ACB413Y
  • Go for No!: Yes Is the Destination, No Is How You Get There (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen

    Go for No!: Yes Is the Destination, No Is How You Get

    In a world inundated with sales books on getting to yes, this audiobook recommends just the opposite, focusing on how increasing your failure rate can greatly accelerate your movement toward ultimate success. Go for No! chronicles four days in the life of fictional character Eric Bratton, a call-reluctant copier salesman who wakes up one morning to find himself in a strange house with no idea of how he got there. But this house doesn't belong to just anyone! It belongs to him...a wildly successful, 10-years-in-the-future version of the person he could become if he learns to overcome his self-limiting beliefs and overcome his fear of failure. Through the dialogue of the two main characters, the authors have fashioned an entertaining story to present the key concepts essential to sales success. Listeners learn: What it takes to outperform 92 percent of the world's salespeople That failing and failure are two very different things Why it's important to celebrate success and failure How to get past failures quickly and move on That the most empowering word in the world is not's NO! Written to be intentionally short and to the point, Go for No! is a quick, fun listen with valuable lessons that can change the way you think, sell, and live!

  • Destinations (Audio-destination) Jetzt shoppen


  • ASIN: B003XKDF42

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