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  • Indoor Soccer: Strategies and Tactics (English Edition) (Soccer Indoor Coaching) Jetzt shoppen

    Indoor Soccer: Strategies and Tactics (English

    Indoor Soccer Strategies and Tactics is for coaches and players of all ages. Indoor soccer continues to grow rapidly in all areas of North America, yet there is very little written on the subject. Due to significant demand, this e-book is published from the original best-selling hard copy version available on Amazon. Take this with you to your indoor facility and read it on your device before the game!This e-book is intended to help individuals, coaches, and teams increase their knowledge of the game and to increase their skills at indoor soccer. As individuals and teams improve, the leagues in which they play begin to improve dramatically. So whether you are a player trying to improve your skills, or a coach looking to take a team to higher levels of play, this book is for you.This book is not about basic soccer skills. It assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of outdoor soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, trapping, and shooting. There are numerous books that cover these skills in detail with tips, drills, and instruction. This book does not cover the rules of play. While the rules are generally the same in most leagues, each facility has its own house rules. This book assumes the reader knows the rules already. This book covers the aspects of indoor soccer t...

  • ASIN: B00977ASLI
  • Coaching Soccer: 6 to 10 Year Olds (Indoor Soccer Coaching) Jetzt shoppen

    Coaching Soccer: 6 to 10 Year

  • ASIN: 1890946311
  • The Baffled Parents' Guide to Coaching Indoor Youth Soccer by Ned McIntosh (2003-09-19) (Indoor Soccer Coaching) Jetzt shoppen

    The Baffled Parents' Guide to Coaching Indoor Youth Soccer by Ned McIntosh

  • ASIN: B01FGLW12C
  • Pure2Improve Trainingsboard Indoor Soccer, Mehrfarbig, 35 x 22 cm (Coaching Soccer Indoor) Jetzt shoppen

    Pure2Improve Trainingsboard Indoor Soccer, Mehrfarbig, 35 x 22

    Pure2Improve Futsal Taktiktafel | Variabel & Flexibel ... Pure2Improve steht für professionelle und zuverlässige Sportartikel. Dies ist der Grund, weshalb Pure2Improve in allen möglichen Sportvereinen, Fitnessstudios etc. zu .finden ist. Mit den Taktiktafeln erwerben Sie ein professionelles Hilfsmittel zur Darstellung versch. . Spielvarianten, Kommunikation mit ihrem Team , Spielzüge veranschaulichen uvm. . Für ein erfolgreiches Spiel ist eine gute Taktik unerlässlich, so dass Pure2Improve versucht das .Bestmögliche an Zubehör zu bieten. . Verschiedene Attribute machen diese Taktiktafel zur flexiblen und variablen Allzweckwaffe. . Zur einfachen und anschaulichen Darstellung werden Magneten in verschiedenen Farben und ein. trocken abwischbarer Stift mitgeliefert.

  • Color: Mehrfarbig
  • Brand: Pure2Improve
  • ASIN: B06XW9KG2M
  • Sports Training Notebook: Indoor Soccer: For Coaching Instruction On All Levels Of Sport (Indoor Soccer Coaching) Jetzt shoppen

    Sports Training Notebook: Indoor Soccer: For Coaching Instruction On All Levels Of

  • ASIN: 1475232446
  • BRIGHT ORANGE rund Zapfen Sports Equipment für Fitness Training (20 Stück) (Soccer Coaching Indoor) Jetzt shoppen

    BRIGHT ORANGE rund Zapfen Sports Equipment für Fitness Training

    Egal ob Training für Fußball, Basketball, Fußball, Sport oder einfach nur Ihre eigenen Fitness, sie müssen die richtige Trainingsgerät. Diese leuchtend orange Sport Kegel sind perfekt für Agility Training für sportliche Aktivitäten im Freien oder Indoor-Sportarten. Kann verwendet werden, als Fußball Zapfen Soccer Goal Post, Fußball Ziele für Garten, oder jede andere Form von Fußball-Bohrmaschinen. Auch sehr nützlich, Fußball Zubehör zum hinzufügen zu Ihrer Tasche von Fitness-Trainingsgeräte und Speed-Training Ausrüstung. Wenn Sie Fitness-Coaching, haben Sie Ihre sportliche Spieler einer Session, indem Sie ein Agility Parcour. Sporting Goods wie diese Sport Kegel sind die effizientesten Sportutensilien und Accessoires für Kinder, Sport für Männer und für Frauen. Werfen diese 20 Stück Orange Sport Zapfen zu Ihrem Sport Zubehör Set und Tasche von Sport-Trainingsgerät Sporting. Jeder Sport Kegel misst 20,3 cm inches in diameter and 5,1 cm Zoll in der Höhe. Hinweis: Die "Super Z Outlet Verkäufer ist der einzige autorisierte Verkäufer, sollten wir verkaufen nicht machen, so gibt es keine andere Produkte, und alle anderen Händler verkaufen illegal Ihre eigenen Produkte durch unsere registrierten Firmennamen. In diesem Angebot, den Einkauf von andere Verk...

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Super Z Outlet
  • ASIN: B01NCWSO67
  • UPC: 817272020823
  • Raise the Roof (Soccer Coaching Indoor) Jetzt shoppen

    Raise the Roof

  • ASIN: B0074CUYTY
  • Indoor Soccer League Start Up Sample Business Plan! (English Edition) (Coaching Soccer Indoor) Jetzt shoppen

    Indoor Soccer League Start Up Sample Business Plan! (English

    Need a professional business plan to open your own Indoor Soccer League? This template guide has been designed to instruct and assist you in creating a professional business plan ready for lenders, government grant agencies, angel investors, and local banks by following the government approved outline for submitting a business plan.This guide breaks the business plan down into THREE steps.1) A complete written description of what needs to be in a business plan section by section. It's easy to read and tells you "what" needs to go where.2) A completed sample Indoor Soccer Facility business plan that has already been used AND ACHIEVED FUNDING!3) a complete "fill in the blank" form for you to use and edit in your personal business information saving you time and money and having you ready for lenders in no time at all!All three sections are listed so you can complete a professional plan without the headache of researching information, guessing on where to put the crucial information for this type of business, or figuring out what the lenders submitting requirements are!Everything from start to finish is covered in this guide giving you the best opportunity to achieve funding in as little amount of time as possible!!

  • ASIN: B00EKQ361U
  • McGee's Guide to Futsal: A Coaching Guide to Training, Skill Acquisition, and Player Development for Indoor Soccer (English Edition) (Coaching Indoor Soccer) Jetzt shoppen

    McGee's Guide to Futsal: A Coaching Guide to Training, Skill Acquisition, and Player Development for Indoor Soccer (English

    Enjoy Improved Game Play with the Power of Futsal!☆★☆ Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now! ☆★☆JOIN OVER 4,000 OTHERS THAT HAVE LEARNED FROM THIS BOOK Jump-start your Futsal game, turn on your afterburners, and bring calm to your body and mind with the remarkable, proven powers of fundamental Futsal coaching. Join soccer coach Marc McGee a life-long time coach and amateur player as he unlocks the science of futsal, and discover how different coaching plans of this worldwide phenomenon can help change your coaching and playing abilities. The Guide to Futsal features Drills, Techniques, Diagrams and motivation that reveals how you improve—fast! “I loved the coaching plans! I followed the plan for 30 days and won 8 more games than last season!”—Jim Arenas, 31, Miami, Florida From quick turns and passing to warm-up drills to the motivation to keep going, you’ll learn how to time your coaching sessions throughout the practice, ensuring your team is efficient and staying strong all game long. All the while, you’ll get to enjoy team cohesiveness and increased repetitions (yes, you get to do more with less time!). “I went from an average recreational player to competitive tournament player, and I’m alive with energy. This is not a fad or ...

  • ASIN: B017ON3OMG

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