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  • Twibel - A Guide To Libel For Facebookers, Bloggers & Tweeters ( Jetzt shoppen

    Twibel - A Guide To Libel For Facebookers, Bloggers &

  • ASIN: 1471649849
  • Game Tweeter: Free ( Jetzt shoppen

    Game Tweeter: Free

  • Brand: Shea
  • ASIN: B005O2X1VY
  • The 2009 Tweeter's Almanac First Edition: The Great #Indiana Initiative of Aught Nine ( Jetzt shoppen

    The 2009 Tweeter's Almanac First Edition: The Great #Indiana Initiative of Aught

    Tweeters Almanac is a twitter primer to help build your personal or professional brand while having fun! It also makes a great bathroom book complete with down-home short stories and a tremendous compilation of pithy sayings and wise quotes. It's ideal for: -Baby-Boomers who want to understand Social Media and how it affects the way information and news is disseminated. -Collectors of Quotes from influential thinkers like: Aristotle, Voltaire, Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Groucho Marx. Not-For-Profit organizations that are good stewards of donations received. For-Profit organizations that struggle with transparency and must learn how to be authentic without divulging trade secrets. Sociologists who want to participate in the world's largest bridging social-capital group Ever! Avid Tweeters who are tired of defending its importance to Social Media doubters. It's much easier to hand nay-sayers a book so they can learn about it in a medium in which they feel comfortable.

  • ASIN: B00PR0B8NG
  • Tweeter Deluxe ( Jetzt shoppen

    Tweeter Deluxe

  • ASIN: B000CA2QTG
  • UPC: 275846396529
  • TwitPal for Twitter ( Jetzt shoppen

    TwitPal for Twitter

  • Brand:
  • ASIN: B004X2J4DK
  • Game Tweeter: Premium ( Jetzt shoppen

    Game Tweeter: Premium

  • Brand: Shea
  • retail me ( Jetzt shoppen

    retail me

  • Brand: ACORP
  • Islamic Cards بطاقات اسلامية ( Jetzt shoppen

    Islamic Cards بطاقات

  • Brand: Karim Sliti
  • ASIN: B00O6USBZ6
  • Taylor Sweet ( Jetzt shoppen

    Taylor Sweet

  • Brand: SeeWhy
  • ASIN: B01JHRNQ20

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